Fiberline Composites

Middelfart, Denmark
KHR Architects

High quality architecture a priority

The building appears almost organic, a mound that rises from the landscape and then sinks back into the ground. But the organic form is broken by something angular and modern, the stair towers that cut across the facade. Contrasting with disciplined production efficiency the slanting towers are an irrational element, symbolizing the eccentric and creative thinking that are needed to supplement the rational creed of engineering. The long, narrow bands of fenestration are inspired by threads of glass fibre.
Light and movement are always present, the building lending itself to distant perspectives – inwards, outwards, upwards, downwards. Daylight and space feel close at hand throughout the building.

Jan Søndergaard describes the architecture thus: “The building volume is a product of the vertical movement which is caused by the landscape ‘arching its back’ towards the light of the sky. This movement induces three massive fissures through which daylight penetrates, contributing decisively to the architectural quality of the space and allowing constant dialogue with the sky amid changing weather conditions. A scenic enclosure forming a collective work space for all activities and thus defining the company’s collective identitity.”

In harmony with its

Lay Light changes colour with the changing of the seasons. Sunshine, cloud or rain – external changes in light and colour will be reflected in the composite