Coat House

Kolding, Denmark
Sofie Thorning & Mejeriet

The low-energy house of the future

Situated on a hill in the Danish town of Kolding, overlooking the lake and historic castle, is a vision of the future. A house dating from 1949 has been externally insulated and cladded with Lay Light. Hereby the house has been transformed from a draughty and expensive-to-heat dwelling to a modern and contemporary residence with an 85% lower heating bill.

Christened ‘Coat House’, the facelift is a development and demo project carried out under the ‘Green Business Growth’ initiative. The purpose of the project is to inspire architects, tradesmen and citizens to adopt new methods of energy renovation.

Compared with conventional building materials, composite also has the great advantage of being environment-friendly in development and manufacture. Last but not least, Lay Light is light in weight and is therefore easily handled by building tradesmen on site.

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Lay Light consists of glass fibres bonded with a matrix. The composite combines strength, light weight and elegance