Jyllinge Church

Jyllinge, Denmark
KHR Architects

Church of composite

Fiberline’s innovative facade panels Lay Light allow light to pass through from the outside. This quality, light, combined with the structural advantages of glass fibre composites, has been used to remarkable effect in the new Church of the Holy Cross at Jyllinge, Denmark.

The new church draws its inspiration from the ambience of its position on a beautiful midsummer’s night and is designed to merge naturally with the surrounding countryside. The church may be described as a monolith rising out of the rural landscape that climbs from the fjord. The roof and walls of the building are therefore identically clad, and uniform materials are used to achieve a calm and consistent visual expression.

The interior spaces are created by a juxtaposition of just two materials that form two opposing “U”s, stressing the historic union of church and congregation. Floors and walls are in light-coloured concrete cast in situ, alluding to the gravitas of time and the church’s temporal association. A beautiful, emotional and innovative twin construction of Lay Light, whose cellular structure, also in composite, appears wholly transparent, therefore allowing light to pass through while at the same time meeting statutory insulation requirements,” explains Jan Søndergaard.

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Lay Light is an honest material with a clearly visible structure in the form of glass-fibre threads and mats that serve both as strong reinforcement for the product and deliver its unique aesthetic character